This is What an Economist Looks Like

This is What an Economist Looks Like

This is What an Economist Looks Like

Saturday, March 21; 1:30pm-2:30pm
Meeting Room 3, Cross Insurance Center
515 Main Street, Bangor ME

Economics has a diversity problem and a perception problem. It is a common belief that economics is primarily concerned with money and not with people. Because of this, many talented people diverse interests from diverse backgrounds do not even consider studying economics. In this way, economics’ perception problem contributes to its diversity problem.

The truth is, economists come from all walks of life and study an incredible diversity of topics. Not just competition, but cooperation. Not just consumption but preservation. In this forum, a range of economists will present five-minute, narrative-driven talks on why they became economists and how their research is helping real people make tough decisions.

Recommended audience: high school and up


Megan Bailey, Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center

Kathleen P. Bell, University of Maine (also moderating)

Keith Evans, University of Maine

Taylor Lange, University of Maine

Jonathan Malacarne, University of Maine

Caroline Noblet, University of Maine

Amanda Rector, State of Maine

Kanae Tokunaga, Gulf of Maine Research Institute

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