Science of Voice

Science of Voice

Science of Voice


Saturday, March 16; 3:00-4:00pm
Cross Center Meeting Room A

Cross Insurance Center, 515 Main Street


Voices are like fingerprints; every person’s is unique due to the size and shape of their vocal cords as well as the rest of their body. When we speak or sing, we are hearing air moving over the vocal folds, through the throat, and into the mouth where it is shaped into sounds, words, and phrases, all controlled by the intentions of the brain. How are some people able to project their voices much louder than others? How can some people change their voices to mimic others? Join us to explore these fascinating phenomena with a mechanical engineer and two vocal instructors who explore the relationships between acoustics and the vocal cords.


Phil Burns, Burns Music Studio

Tina Burns, Burns Music Studio

Qian Xue, University of Maine


John Thompson, University of Maine – moderator


Participating MSF Partner:
University of Maine


Audience: high school +

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