Science Education from the Beginning

Science Education from the Beginning

Science Education from the Beginning


Saturday, March 16; 1:30-2:30pm
Cross Center Meeting Room C

Cross Insurance Center, 515 Main Street


All of our young people should have the opportunity to do real science, problem solve, think critically, and understand how evidence-based decision making in science can influence our communities. Education research has shown that immersive hands-on science learning is essential to inspire an interest in STEM careers, a general sense of wonder about the natural world, and evidence-based decision making. This session will highlight the vision of the next generation science standards and how science learning experiences look in this new paradigm.  Attendees will explore different strategies that they can use to highlight the importance of equitable science education for all K-12 students to decision makers in their schools and communities. Participants will walk away with tools that parents, teachers, and administrators can use to advocate for high quality K-12 science education in their communities.



Diana Allen, Maine Science Teachers Association

Kate Cook-Whitt, Thomas College


Ruth Kermish-Allen, Maine Math and Science Alliance – moderator


Participating MSF Partner:
Maine Math and Science Alliance


Audience: high school +

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