Episode 7: Michael Burman

Episode 7: Michael Burman


Episode Summary

A conversation with University of New England Associate Professor Michael Burman.

Episode Notes

Michael Burman is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of New England. 

Mike has studied learning, memory and emotion using behavioral neuroscience techniques and has recently become interested in how the brain’s memory systems and emotional regulation systems come to function and cooperate over the course of development. He currently investigating the long-term consequences of neonatal pain and stress on subsequent fear, anxiety and pain.

Mike presented at the MSF Showcase Event 5 Minute Genius in 2017. You can see his video at the MSF YouTube channel.

The Maine Science Podcast is a production of the Maine Science Festival. It was recorded at Discovery Studios, at the Maine Discovery Museum, in Bangor, Maine. Edited and produced by Kate Dickerson; production support by Maranda Bouchard. 

The Discover Maine theme was composed and performed by Nick Parker. 

Support provided by Maine Technology Institute.


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