Episode 5: Ivan Fernandez

Episode 5: Ivan Fernandez


Episode Summary

A conversation with University of Maine Distinguished Professor Ivan Fernandez.

Episode Notes

Ivan Fernandez is a Distinguished Maine Professor at the University of Maine, in the School of Forest Resources, Climate Change Institute, and School of Food and Agriculture. Ivan has served on various U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board committees in Washington DC since 2000, and has been involved in leading the Maine’s Climate Future assessments. In 2019 Ivan was appointed to the Maine Climate Council, and also serves as co-Chair of its Scientific and Technical Subcommittee. He is a soil scientist, with a research program that focuses on the biogeochemistry of ecosystems in a changing physical and chemical climate and is actively engaged in promoting climate change solutions in Maine.

Ivan presented at the 2015 Maine Science Festival, and was scheduled to present at the 2020 MSF before it was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Maine’s Climate Future is found at the Climate Change Institute’s website. The Maine Climate Council’s website is found at https://bit.ly/31MMA0S.

The Maine Science Podcast is a production of the Maine Science Festival. It was recorded at Discovery Studios, at the Maine Discovery Museum, in Bangor, Maine. Edited and produced by Kate Dickerson; production support by Maranda Bouchard. 

The Discover Maine theme was composed and performed by Nick Parker. 

Support provided by Maine Technology Institute.


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