Ecology of Disease

Ecology of Disease

Ecology of Disease: How the Environment Shapes Human and Animal Health


Saturday, March 16; 2:30-3:30pm
Cross Center Meeting Room B

Cross Insurance Center, 515 Main Street


The majority of emerging diseases originate in animal populations, of which ~70% involve wildlife.  Beyond impacts to human health, infectious diseases can result in losses to agricultural production and natural resources, as well as hamper wildlife conservation efforts. The field of infectious disease ecology considers the emergence, persistence, and dynamics of pathogens in the landscape from an ecological perspective and examines the role of natural and anthropogenic environmental processes in shaping the prevalence and distribution of diseases in human and animal populations. In this forum, we will present our recent research in disease ecology focusing on local study systems.


Kristina Cammen, University of Maine

Elizabeth Henderson, Maine Medical Center Research Institute

Pauline Kamath, University of Maine


Allison Gardner, University of Maine – moderator


Participating MSF Partner:
Maine Medical Center Research Institute; University of Maine


Audience: high school +

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